With years of industry experience since 2002, it was founded in 2010 under the name of Dizayn Hidrolik & Pneumatics with the philosophy of technology, innovation and customer-oriented sales and service.

  Our company develops the most ideal applications in terms of harmony, performance and efficiency in the project designs of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. System Project Designs shapes both the product, sales and after-sales service with its professional staff and offers different options.

  Our company serves in the hydraulic, pneumatic, lubricant and sealing group. Hydraulic unit, Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Lift, Freight elevator, Disabled elevator, front bucket, Hydraulic Pumps, hydro motor, steering brain, hydraulic oil coolers, filters, directional control valves, auxiliary valves, hydraulic cap piston, connection in the Hydraulic Group of our company. provides sales, after-sales service and project services of elements, installation pipes, honed pipes, tie rod pipes, chrome plated shafts, induction shafts, hose and hose fittings and accessories..

  Dizayn Hidrolik & Pneumatics always aims to offer the best quality product to its customers under the most favorable conditions. In this way, our company can manage both in-stock and out-of-stock products in line with demand without any problems.

  Our company, which accepts Customer Satisfaction as a principle, continues its activities in the sector with project-system design, product sales and after-sales services. Responding to customer demands with the most suitable product as soon as possible, Dizayn Hidrolik & Pneumatics evaluates the performance of the products and offers technological innovations in line with the demands.


Vision & Mission

Our vision

The important thing is; “Doing the right job with the right people”

With this approach, we aim to provide quality and advantageous services by using technology and the opportunities created by the working environment effectively. In this sense, our company vision;   To present it to the market using modern technologies, to cooperate with our employees and to expand our working areas.

Our Mission

While continuing our growth rapidly, we pay the same attention to institutionalization, with the understanding of “Holistic Quality” and the awareness that quality cannot be left to chance. The brands we offer to you are parallel to this care.

The requirements of all our customers who have entered into a small or large cooperation with Dizayn Hidrolik; to always meet in the first move, exactly and as desired, in the desired time and at optimum prices, using the latest technology; Our most important principle is to ensure the continuity of this satisfaction with constant technical support after sales.